Manage Your Home’s Temperature

Just as the heating and cooling system you use affect how efficiently you maintain temperatures in your home, so do the items within your house affect its warmth. Not only does extra heat from items like appliances spike your A/C use, it will also increase your electricity costs. You can take steps to better manage your energy use by knowing how much heat household items produce. Here are a few common items to keep in mind:

  • Large Plasma Television: The operating temperatures of these TVs can reach 104°F and add a lot of heat to a room. Be sure to turn off any large plasma televisions you’re not actively watching.
  • Computers: Believe it or not, our computers can reach temperatures as high as 212°F. You can help manage how hot it gets by using the sleep mode and dusting the vents.
  • Ovens: Oven temperatures can reach upwards of 475°F, which can make cooling down your house challenging. Always remember to promptly turn off your oven, and only preheat it once you’re ready to cook.

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