Control Pinkeye at Home

Pinkeye is the common term for conjunctivitis, which occurs when the mucous membrane lining your eyes and eyelid becomes red and swollen. While the condition may require medical care, you can also take measures at home to manage the pain and discomfort. Here are some home treatments that can help:

  • Avoid wearing contacts: Switch to wearing eyeglasses until your eyes heal. You will also want to thoroughly clean your contact lens and cases.
  • Use a cold or hot compress: Choose the temperature that feels most soothing and put the cold or hot compress over your eyelid to control swelling and redness. Pinkeye caused by an infection can spread, so be sure to use new compresses on each eye, and never reuse a compress.
  • Wipe your eye without spreading germs: To control infection, wipe your eye with a clean tissue or cloth by moving from the inner-corner of your eye outward toward your cheek. Always discard used tissues or immediately clean cloth wipes in order to avoid further germ contamination.

Tip courtesy of WebMD[i]