Control Gnats and Fruit Flies Naturally

Gnats and fruit flies may be small, but they can be mighty annoying. You can control them in your home, though, without relying on toxic chemicals. If you are trying to beat the bugs, here are some tips to help.

  • Fix Window or Door Cracks: Gnats and fruit flies just need a tiny space to enter your home. Discourage them from moving in by sealing or repairing all the cracks and gaps in your doors and windows. 
  • Clean Your Kitchen Sink Drain: Dark, moist environments—like drains full of food—are a boon to these bugs. Keep the drain clean and toss a lemon into a disposal to clean it. You can then add a couple drops of vegetable oil in there to coat and kill remaining bugs.
  • Set Vinegar Traps: Grab a mason jar, and cut small holes into the lid. Fill the jar with a bit of apple cider vinegar and some drops of dish soap. Put the lid onto the jar, and let the trap sit out overnight to attract the bugs.

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