Use Words and Rhythm to Drop the Ball in the Cup

Sometimes, golfers just can’t find the right rhythm when putting. Without smooth rhythm, jerky and abrupt movements affect the putter face’s orientation at impact, and ultimately, the ball’s speed. When the putt is longer, the challenges compound and require extra effort to drop the ball in the hole.

Fortunately, you can fix your putt by practicing your swing to the rhythm of three syllables: “perfect pace.”

  • Take putter back: As you swing back, say the word per-fect in your mind, and align your swing to its two-syllable rhythm. 
  • Swing putter through: When you swing forward, think the word pace in your mind. Align your swing to its one-syllable rhythm.

No matter if you’re practicing a short or long stroke, this exercise will help your swing support the right rhythm to drop your ball in the cup. Always remember: Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Tip courtesy of GolfDigest[i]